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Quality-Assuring Software Engineering Methods (QASM)

FH Münster Lecture

Tech debt comic from monkeyuser.com

Software Quality Under Time Pressure

In the private sector, software products are developed under high time pressure caused by the market economy. The source code, which is constantly growing, is distributed among different teams/sub-projects and is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, further develop and test - in long-term projects, such shortcomings develop that the working hours of the teams are used more and more inefficiently and bug fixes and new features are always needed take longer and become more expensive while maintaining the quality of the overall product. The development processes of many companies also regularly lead to frustration among specialists.

Goals of the Lecture

In this module, students learn how and what problems arise in software development when working on software products in large teams in the private sector under release pressure. Well-known topics such as "Test-Driven Development" are not explained in detail from the ground up, but are rather touched upon and considered in the overall context in order to show the enormous costs that companies worldwide repeatedly incur if software development is not combined with testing from the start , continuous integration/deployment and automated infrastructure combined.

Qualitative diagram that shows the rising cost of development with increasingtech debt
Qualitative diagram of the drop of visible productivity during tech debt reduction phases

Open Source

The comparison of different open source technologies gives the students a broad horizon, which enables them to estimate, plan and implement the appropriate scope and effort for the selection and setup of toolchains, test suites and automation infrastructure.

Furthermore, the students are enabled to economically justify the need for corresponding processes and the effort to set up and maintain them in front of superiors in the private sector in order to develop software with realistic and effective processes at high speed that meets high quality standards. In addition, expectations are conveyed that one may already have when applying for jobs at "good" companies.

Additional Information

Target Group

Master students in electrical engineering, computer science, and similar


4 blocks, 2 days each. Dates are announced every summer before the winter semester.


Online oral exam. Appointments will be made during the semester.

Course Type

Part theory, part programming lab with exercises


Online if Corona/Energy rules apply. Computer pool lecture room at Steinfurt otherwise.


Jacek Galowicz, M.Sc.